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    The Tired Marketer

    The Tired Marketer Talks: Pointless Tasks

    In my last post I talked about the effort that goes into preparing presentations and sample work for interviews, and how it can sometimes feel like we are being taken advantage of. Now I want to talk about another experience I had recently, that was frustrating for a whole different reason.  At the end of my first interview for a really exciting position, I asked if they had any doubts about my suitability for the role. I always like to ask this, as it gives me a chance to address their concerns. They raised a couple of issues, which I agreed with completely. All I could do was reassure them…

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    The Tired Marketer

    The Tired Marketer Talks: Jumping Through Hoops

    Let’s talk about interview tasks, shall we? As someone who has worked in marketing for the last four years, I’m no stranger to preparing some sort of work – whether that’s a marketing presentation, social media strategy, sample posts, or a written exercise – to bring along to an interview.  I understand that, when it comes to creative roles, this sort of thing is really helpful to employers. It can help them to see that you understand their brand and its mission, and can adapt your techniques and tone of voice accordingly.  I’m all for showcasing my skills in this way. So much so, that I’ve often prepared a marketing…