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The Tired Marketer Talks: Pointless Tasks

In my last post I talked about the effort that goes into preparing presentations and sample work for interviews, and ...
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The Tired Marketer Talks: Jumping Through Hoops

Let's talk about interview tasks, shall we? As someone who has worked in marketing for the last four years, I'm ...
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Let’s talk about tokophobia

“I think my waters have broken.” I felt a squirming feeling of intense unease in the pit of my stomach ...
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Security for marketers: An essential guide

If you’re a marketer you’ll be familiar with analytics, creating content, scheduling social media posts, and working your way around ...
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Nostalgia and the power of scent

*AD - Post contains gifted products I talk about perfume a lot. I absolutely adore the stuff. In particular I ...
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Dear Rachel Bloom

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was more than just a show to me. At my lowest point three years ago, I went to ...
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Beef rib.

REVIEW: The Horns Inn, Ferndown

I was recently invited to enjoy a meal at the newly refurbished Horns Inn. As we parked the car, we ...
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You still have your father’s chess set. The rook is missing. Does he miss it? Does he miss you? The ...
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10 times Love Actually propagated dangerous ideas about romantic relationships

If you clicked onto this post expecting a ranty essay discussing feminism, sexuality and traditional gender roles, then sorry - ...
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Cosy in bed

SAD and the winter blues: How better sleep can boost your mental health

There are so many truly wonderful things about winter. I adore the festive period, and the cosy feeling of contentment ...
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