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    Security for marketers: An essential guide

    If you’re a marketer you’ll be familiar with analytics, creating content, scheduling social media posts, and working your way around a CMS. But how much thought do you give to security? A company’s website and social media channels are its face and voice – arguably things you wouldn’t want in the wrong hands. Security is a huge and vital topic, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to talk about a few simple steps that marketers can take to protect their key channels of communication and keep their data safe. A company’s reputation is important and, as a marketer, you are the first line of defense. Here are…

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    Nostalgia and the power of scent

    *AD – Post contains gifted products I talk about perfume a lot. I absolutely adore the stuff. In particular I think a lot about the memories particular scents can evoke. I even like to buy new perfumes for new chapters, so that I can associate certain times in my life with a particular fragrance. A few months ago I tweeted this: What’s the first perfume/cologne you remember wearing? Mine was this one. Then I moved onto Fantasy by Britney Spears, and Gucci Rush. I thought that was the sexiest smell ever! pic.twitter.com/QQzZUuRlE5— Melissa Boyle (@geekmagnifique) June 4, 2019 I loved reading all the responses. There were some old favourites of…

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    Dear Rachel Bloom

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was more than just a show to me. At my lowest point three years ago, I went to my GP in desperation. His kind words and gentle reassurances gave me the courage I needed to begin a course of antidepressants. Looking back, I can see that he helped to give me the kind of validation Rebecca got when she received her BPD diagnosis. It was my very own ‘A Diagnosis’ moment. He patiently answered my questions, and we got my follow-up appointments booked in. I knew what the future looked like. I had a plan. And then he left. Suddenly I felt like I was out to sea…

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    REVIEW: The Horns Inn, Ferndown

    I was recently invited to enjoy a meal at the newly refurbished Horns Inn. As we parked the car, we were immediately struck by how appealing the beer garden looked; certainly somewhere you could picture spending a summer afternoon with a nice cold gin and tonic. Once inside, we continued to be impressed by the welcoming atmosphere. The Horns Inn boasts stylish modern decor, with quirky touches that help to set it apart from your typical trendy gastropub. The menu is varied and interesting, with a mix of classic pub grub and more unusual dishes. For starters, Dave and I had the calamari strips and a prawn cocktail (yes, I…

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    You still have your father’s chess set. The rook is missing. Does he miss it? Does he miss you? The wooden pieces sit in your cupboard, unloved and seldom seen. When things were good, you would often play together – Though you never did quite manage to beat him. In chess, as in life, he was always two steps ahead. Ready to pull the rug out from under you and leave you vulnerable, With nothing but pawns and crumbs of what little self-love You had left, to defend you. You used to say that one day you’d win, But maybe winning, sometimes, means walking away. Silence can sometimes be strength,…