Nostalgia and the power of scent

*AD – Post contains gifted products

I talk about perfume a lot. I absolutely adore the stuff.

In particular I think a lot about the memories particular scents can evoke. I even like to buy new perfumes for new chapters, so that I can associate certain times in my life with a particular fragrance.

A few months ago I tweeted this:

I loved reading all the responses. There were some old favourites of mine, a couple that I still wear now, and some I hadn’t even heard of!

If this tweet from 2017 is anything to go by, I clearly still have a soft spot for Fantasy. I think I’ll have to give in and buy myself a bottle!

Fragrance is definitely a great love of mine, so I was delighted when Fuel PR reached out to me and asked if I fancied reviewing some retro fragrances – discontinued scents that have been recreated. The two they sent me were ones I’ve never come across before and, though they’re not quite to my taste, it was pretty cool to enjoy a little whiff of scents from days gone by.

I’ll be giving both of these fragrances away over on Twitter so head on over, follow me, and check out my pinned tweet for more info. Perhaps Dr Maeve O’Connell would like to win a bottle of Tribe. For old times’ sake…

If you remember the first fragrance you fell in love with or have a scent that brings back a particular memory, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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