7 Reasons Why Mario Kart Has Stood the Test of Time

Mario Kart
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The Verge recently reported that Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to smartphones, a move that has gotten many long-time fans excited. This is part of the company’s recent venture into the mobile gaming scene, where other titles like Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have already been released.

It’s about time Nintendo reintroduced the classic game. Even if the franchise is 25 years old, it still manages to remain a favourite among gamers worldwide. People who’ve never played Mario Kart are probably wondering what makes it so popular. Well, here are 7 reasons:

1. It’s something people of all ages can enjoy

Mario Kart’s gameplay is so simple that anyone can have fun playing it. It’s a great party game and also a good bonding opportunity. The concept of fun is universal after all, and this game captures that element.

2. The controls feel like second nature

It is also not hard to master. Recent iterations may have added new mechanics, but the franchise’s core gameplay still hasn’t changed. Mario Kart feels intuitive, and beginners can get the hang of the game in no time.

3. It brings out your competitive side

Mario Kart is essentially a racing game, and it is possible to get tired of racing games after a while. What makes it different is that it employs power-ups that people can use to get ahead in the race. Even if you lag behind at some point, there’s still hope for you to catch up. The game gives everyone the chance to win, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

4. It has different game modes

There’s a lot of emphasis on multiplayer action, and one can notice this through the game modes. The most recurring game modes in the series are the Time Trials, where the player just races against time; Grand Prix, where you can compete in various “cups” with different difficulty levels; VS Race, where multiple players can participate and race against one another; and Battle Mode, where people use the same racing power-ups to take other players down in a closed arena.

5. It has a good variety of characters

All characters have their own unique skills, which you can discover as you play. Mario Kart even gives players the opportunity to know characters from other iconic franchises. If you have never played Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, or Splatoon, you can get a brief introduction by using their respective characters who are playable in Mario Kart.

6. The level designs are great

Paste Magazine suggests that Mario Kart has lasted for 25 years because of the franchise’s memorable race courses. Each track is brilliantly designed and fun to explore. There are even shortcuts players can take if they know where to look.

Many other developers have even tried to mimic what Mario Kart has done in its game levels. Look at Sega’s Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and the PlayStation’s Crash Team Racing. This is the case not just with console titles, but also with browser and mobile games. Slot game Starburst on Foxy Bingo features similar aesthetics that resemble the Electrodome track in Mario Kart 8. Filled with dazzling gems and neon lights, Starburst has elements seemingly inspired by the classic Nintendo franchise’s level design. All of these games show how far Mario Kart’s impact has reached.

7. It redefined the genre

Although it may not have the realism of titles like Gran Turismo, Mario Kart introduced gameplay elements that make racing a whole lot more fun for everyone. It’s an instantly gratifying experience, that’s why Mario Kart made it to my top video games of all time!

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