Mel + Kaye = #ScarredAndSexy

After seeing a few of her amazing blogger portraits on Twitter, I reached out to the super talented Kaye (Fordtography) for some of my own. I don’t feel confident in front of a camera at all, largely because of my acne scars, but also partly down to being awkward af and not really knowing what to do with my face.

See what I mean?

So anyway, I told Kaye my fears and asked her to point ALL the soft lighting at my face and work her magic on my skin. To my surprise, she came back to me straight away and told me not to worry, and that she had pitted scars too.

I’d been planning to do some blog posts about my scars for ages, and this seemed like a sign. Straight away I emailed back and asked her if she’d like to collaborate on my #ScarredAndSexy project. To my delight, she said yes.

We decided to do a few serious shots, but also some silly ones of us having fun together. We wanted our personalities to be the focus of the photos, not our skin.

For the photos to be as raw and honest as possible we went makeup-free, with scraped back hair and plain clothes.

We are Mel and Kaye.

I’m a writer and marketer, she’s a blogger and photographer. We are both fun, creative and so much more than our scars.

We are #ScarredAndSexy.

Mental health and lifestyle blogger. Originally from Sussex, now living in sunny Bournemouth. Always up for a good chat.

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