#PJChat: Join me for the BIG SLEEPOVER

Do remember the sleepovers you had when you were a teenager? The kind where you’d stay up all night eating junk food, watching movies and talking about your celebrity crushes? If you’ve ever joined in with #PJChat (Monday nights at 9:30) you’ll know that what I’m trying to create is a mini version of that. An hour where you can get into your PJs (hence the name!), snuggle under the duvet with some snacks and have a good ol’ gossip with your online friends.

Now I wanna kick it up a notch. On Friday 29th September I want to pull an all-nighter with you guys. We can pick a movie to all watch ‘together’ and like always, I will have some questions to help keep the conversation flowing. I thought we could start late (say 11pm?) and just keep going into the wee hours.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions! Come find me on Twitter and let me know if you’re on board. Nearer the time we can pick the movie and on the night we can put on ALL THE FAIRY LIGHTS, change into our snuggliest PJs and have the biggest online sleepover ever!*

*Maybe. I’ve not actually fact-checked this. But it’s definitely gonna be awesome.


Pavan Trikutam

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