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An Announcement

A few months ago, while I was going through a difficult time with my mental health, a very good friend sent me a Get Well Soon card.

It was such a kind gesture, yet the card itself didn’t feel quite right. When you suffer from a mental illness, the thing you most want is to feel reassured and understood. My anxiety shakes my confidence and makes me question what others might think of me. So many times I’ve longed to hear a gentle, ‘You’re doing just fine, don’t worry’.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce:

I’m going to be launching my own range of mental health focused greeting cards, Honey Bee Cards.

Those who know me know I’m obsessed with cards. I have a drawer full of them (for all occasions!), and I could quite easily spend hours browsing through card shops.

Honey Bee Cards will feature cute designs, messages of hope, and most importantly the reassuring words it’s sometimes hard to find when a loved one is struggling.

I’m hoping to launch the shop on my blog within the next month, so keep an eye on Twitter for updates, and if you fancy it, you can follow Honey Bee Cards too!

I can’t wait to share the first designs with you.

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