Help Spread OCD Awareness With #OwnYourOCD!

Hi guys,

So as you probably know, I struggle with OCD and have done since I was a child.

You’ve also probably noticed that OCD is the butt of many jokes at the moment.

From OCD candles that ‘smell like OCD’ to ‘Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ cards, if there’s a play on words to be done, it’s probably out there somewhere.

And I’m bloody sick of it. OCD is a debilitating mental illness, and shouldn’t be trivialised in this way. If people understood what OCD really is (and not any of the myths flying around), they probably wouldn’t be so quick to joke.

So, that’s what #OwnYourOCD is all about.

I want as many of you as possible to share your experiences with OCD. That could be blog posts, photos of your cracked and bleeding hands, or details of your compulsions with the hashtag #MyOCDMakesMe.

The goal is to fill people’s timelines with REAL accounts of OCD, start conversations and put an end to misconceptions and stigma.

Who’s with me?


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  • Mel Burt (@raisethewaves)

    I love this idea. My other half suffers from OCD and will take around 20 minutes to leave the house every morning as he has so many different things he has to do. I used to not bother when people mistakenly said they had OCD because they liked things neat or when a brand used the abbreviation to mean something else but now it irritates me beyond belief. OCD is a mental illness that’s often overlooked so I’m always down with raising more awareness!

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