15 problems all curly-haired girls can relate to

hair struggles

The struggle is real.

  1. When you leave the hairdressers you will look like a sleek, shimmering goddess. But just before that there will come the awkward time that all curly girls hate.  Blow-dry time.  Also known as the moment when you transform from a normal human into Chewbacca.  When my hair was longer it increased in volume so much that the hairdresser had to call for back-up.  It still took 2 people 45 minutes to straighten my hair.  So there’s that.
  2. Brushing your hair when it’s dry is a fool’s errand, so your only hairbrush will live in the shower. It will at all times look like a disgusting wet rodent.
  3. When you accidentally leave your Tangle Teezer at a friends’ house and have to use a normal hairbrush.  Disaster.
  4. Your other half can pretty much forget about romantically running their fingers through your hair. That is unless they never want to see their hand again.
  5. You can never have a fringe. Therefore will never look like Zooey Deschanel.  *Sobs and spends numerous hours wondering whether a clip-in fringe will look ridiculous.  Concludes that, yes, it will.  Sobs some more.*
  6. Haircuts have to be a strategically planned combination of layers and feathering, otherwise you can expect to end up with the dreaded ‘triangle head’. This also means you’re more limited when it comes to following trends.  Thank goodness fabulous, sassy curls will always be in style!
  7. Curly hair style tips will always be geared at either Afro-Caribbean or wavy hair. Take note women’s mags, there are many types of curls and we’d all like to be represented please!
  8. This Catch 22: curly hair is drier than straight hair, so you’re supposed to wash it less (some people recommend once a week). But how is this possible when after just 2 days your hair has clumped together to form one big super dreadlock?
  9. Curly hair is more porous, so absorbs smells more. Which is wonderful when your hair is freshly washed and smells like flowers and sunshine, but not so wonderful when you’ve been around cooking food/smokers, or gone to the pub/anywhere outside your house.
  10. People who need a vocabulary lesson. Take note people: frizzy is not another word for curly.
  11. Being asked the same questions by every new person you meet. Yes, I sometimes straighten it…I get it from my dad’s side of the family…no, it’s not a perm, etc…
  12. You’ll never be able to wake up late, run your fingers through your hair and be out the door. There’s bed-head, and then there’s leaving the house looking like Sideshow Bob.
  13. Being unable to wear a top hat without being called ‘Slash’. Granted this doesn’t happen often, but I’ve found myself in this situation enough that I feel I can mention it.
  14. Having to tie your hair back before bed unless you want to suffocate your partner, or have them wake up with your hair in their mouth. Seriously, it’s not as if we have more hair than other people, it just somehow gets EVERYWHERE.
  15. Being just too darn fabulous. Because let’s face it, you may have dreamed of Brazillian blow-dries and longed for straight hair as a kid, but now you love your beautiful curls.  Work it baby!

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