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all the moments we can hope for in the Gilmore Girls reunion



As much as I tip my (top) hat to Amy Sherman-Palladino, there are many things I wish we’d seen during the show.  Here’s just a short list:

  1. Rory and Lorelai going wedding dress shopping in ‘Hammers and Veils’.  This would have been a great scene, plus, y’know, we’d get to see Lorelai in pretty wedding dresses.  Enough said.
  2. More of the Jess/Rory relationship. So much build-up.  So much chemistry.  Then they finally get together and it’s all rather anti-climactic and over fairly quickly.
  3. Rory’s lovely ‘tangerine’ bridesmaid dress.
  4. More of a rock ‘n’ roll story-line for Lane. I know she ends up happily married with a lovely family, but I still can’t help but wish we’d seen Hep Alien become a big success.  Which leads me to…
  5. …the Hep Alien album. $9,000 on recording equipment and they never recorded an album?
  6. Kirk’s mother. Because there’s no doubt Mama Gleason would have been hilarious.
  7. Much, much more of the fabled Gilmore birthday hoopla we hear so much about. Sure, we get glimpses, but I wanted more dammit!  Perhaps Lorelai could have thrown an off the charts party for Luke (which he would have grumbled about, but secretly loved, obvs).
  8. Some sort of Jess/Liz resolution. Just one scene where Jess meets Doula, and there’s a suggestion of some kind of relationship between them as a family would have been great.
  9. While we’re at it, a bit more Rory/Jess closure (and by closure I obviously mean them getting back together). The kiss at Truncheon, and Jess’ whole ‘it is what it is…you, me…’ malarky?  What’s that?  Oh right, the sound of my heart breaking.  Not cool ASP, not cool.
  10. Dean sorting himself out, going back to college, and actually getting over Rory. Love him or hate him, he deserved more than to become a bitter loser, pining after his high-school sweetheart.
  11. Lorelai’s ‘American Traveller’ interview, in all its cringe-worthy glory.
  12. Mia visiting Lorelai at the Dragonfly. It feels like something she would have wanted to see, and would have made for a nice episode.  I probably would have preferred this to the episode with her wedding, but maybe that’s just me.
  13. Some more background on Sookie. She was by far one of the best characters of the show, and yet we know so little about her.
  14. Drunk Sookie. Because her drunken misery in ‘A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving’ was definitely a highlight of the whole episode.   Can you just imagine what her bachelorette party would have been like…
  15. Lorelai finally snatching Dance Marathon victory away from Kirk. What song would she have done her victory lap to though?  Suggestions in the comments please!
  16. And perhaps the biggest one of all: Luke and Lorelai’s wedding. The perfect dress, the s’mores wedding cake, the vintage carousel, the cake topper with Luke’s EXACT butt.  Let’s face it, the Gilmore-Danes wedding would have been pretty spectacular.

Have I missed anything?  Was there anything on this list you don’t agree with?  If so, come chat to me in the comments, or over on Twitter!

There are rumours flying around that a GG movie/new series is going to be announced at the upcoming ATX television festival. Crosses fingers and toes, and prays daily #bringbackGilmoreGirls



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